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Lower your energy bills and enjoy the convenience and security of automating & controlling your lighting & appliances with switches, plug-in modules & controls that enable you to control everything by remote control, time schedules, and/or events with devices such as our motion detectors or security & fire alarms.

The products above are Do It Yourself (DIY) rated, and our technical support team can always assist you with product selection and installation, for free!

SmartHomeUSA offers the widest selection of lighting, appliance, and home automation controls from the industry's leading manufacturers. They all utilize industry standard communication protocols* that offer you the flexibility & security of utilizing multiple compatible sources.

The names of common protocol* technologies are as follows:

X10 Pro, A10 & UPB: Commands are transmitted & received over your existing powerlines. No new wiring is required!
Featured Manufacturers: X10 Corp, Leviton, Black & Decker, Advanced Control Technologies (ACT), Powerline Control Systems (PCS), Simply Automated

Z-Wave: Commands are wirelessly transmitted, internally repeated, & received over radio frequencies (RF)
Featured Manufacturers: Leviton, Intermatic, Motorola

Use our Switch Selection Guide to select your Wall Switch Receivers, however should you require further assistance, please email for technical support, or contact us here.

* Communication Protocol: Guidelines and principles associated with the workings of a network. The rules surrounding data signals on the network, the manner of information transmissions, and the way in which the network is accessed.

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