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ELK Magic Module Home Automation Accessories

ELK iButton™ Access Kit

  • ELK iButton™ Touchkeys


    ELK iButton™ Touchkeys - ELK-MA101

    Package of 10 low cost electronic Touchkeys with key ring holders used with Access Control Readers. The dime sized iButton is a rugged memory device containing a uniquely readable non-repeating serial number.

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  • ELK RS-232 to RS-485 Data Converter


    ELK RS-232 to RS-485 Data Converter - ELK-MB485

    Used to communicate between a personal computer and an ELK Magic Module (ELK-MM443). Converts the computer's RS-232 Serial Data to RS-485 Data which is used by the ELK Magic Module™ series of products.

    Pre-Order (Usually 7-10 days)

  • ELK Doorbell & Telephone Ring Detector


    ELK Doorbell & Telephone Ring Detector - ELK-930

    Detects ring activation from one or two doorbell buttons and a single telephone line. Produces an open collector (pull to ground) output which can be used to trigger an automation controller, relay, timer, etc.

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