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HAI Two-Way Cellular Communication Center, CCC C3 70A00-1

Item # HAI-70A00-1

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

The Two-Way Cellular Communication Center (CCC) connects with any burglar or fire alarm panel, including HAI controllers, to emulate the phone line signal if there is not one present.


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The HAI C3 (Cellular Communications Center) is a wireless cellular communicator that allows phone calls to be made over the GSM cellular network using the existing telephones in your home. The HAI C3 can be used when there is no land line in your home or if the land line is temporarily unavailable.

The HAI C3 is perfect for homeowners without land lines, vacation homes, and locations that need remote monitoring. It provides better sound quality than regular cell phones because the attached antenna is better and more powerful than the one on a cell phone.

Security Backup

The HAI C3 works with any standard security panel, including HAI's Omni family of home controllers, to communicate alarm conditions using the GSM cellular network when the land line or cable phone service has been cut. The HAI C3 checks the status of the existing PSTN telephone line and if it is unavailable, the HAI C3 will emulate the line signal to the security panel. When an alarm occurs, the security panel will dial out using the GSM cellular network to communicate with the central monitoring station and the central monitoring station will be able to call your home through the C3 to verify the alarm condition.

(The HAI C3 ships with an included backup battery in case the power goes out.)

How It Works

There is no programming involved with the HAI C3.

Regular telephones connected to the HAI C3 can be used to make calls. If a land line is present, you will hear the normal dial tone and you can make your call as normal using the land line service. However, if the land line is currently unavailable, you will hear a different tone which indicates the HAI C3 is in cellular mode and the call will be made using the cellular network.

If the land line is available, but you still want to make the call using the cellular network, when you pick up the phone and hear the normal dial tone, press the * key on the phone and the HAI C3 will switch to GSM mode. At that point, you will hear the cellular mode tone and you can make the call using the GSM cellular network. When a call is made to the phone number assigned to the GSM SIM card installed in the HAI C3, any phones that are connected to the HAI C3 will ring as they normally would when a land line call is received.

Note that due to the limitations of cellular service, the HAI C3 does not work with faxes or modems. The HAI C3 will work with regular home telephones, speakerphones, and answering machines.


The HAI C3 requires a GSM SIM card and cellular service. The major GSM players in the United States are AT&T, T-Mobile, and prepaid carriers. Customers with existing GSM accounts can add a line to their cellular account for a reasonable charge and plug the added phone SIM into the HAI C3.
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