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Vera 3 Z-Wave based Home Automation, Monitoring, and Internet Control System

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Product Description

The new Vera 3 continues the tradition! Leverage the power of the internet and the flexibility of Z-wave wireless lighting technology to Keep connected and in control of your home or business, no matter your distance!

Learn more about how Vera3 can be used for security, remote monitoring, energy savings, home theater control, and more!

  • Set-up Wizard makes initial setup a breeze
  • Secure Remote Access from anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with ALL US-specification Z-wave devices (guaranteed)
  • Helps save energy with real-time usage recording
  • Uses less than 10 watts of power
  • Simple Home Automation and Monitoring
  • Compatible with wireless and wired IP Cameras
  • Makes Home Networking Simple
  • Audio/video control
  • Can be used as a universal remote
  • Works on an open platform for developers
  • Free tech support and 1 year warranty


Please note, this item may not be returned without authorization from the manufacturer's technical support team. To contact technical support, follow this link:

Watch the Vera Demo video now!

In addition to being a complete Z-wave smart home controller, Vera 3 is also a completely functional WiFi internet router. It can replace or work in tandem with any existing wired network, Wifi router, or internet connection to give you faster Wifi coverage through-out your home or business, along with all the features of Z-wave home control.

With a faster CPU, more operating memory for downloading applications, latest Wi-Fi technology (802.11n), and the new version 5 user interface, Vera3 is faster and more powerful than any previous Vera generation.

Heavy users with many device types and additional software plugins will find Vera3 to exceed their expectations. You can now add 100s of devices to your Vera network, and combine more than one Vera unit to greatly extend Z-wave coverage and boost WiFi speed like never before possible.

The total number of settings for timers, events, scenes, rooms and notifications is unlimited. Vera3 can just as easily span the gaps in an existing smart home control system, as it can allow a beginner to start a killer new one.

We have provided all the information we have learned about the new Vera3 below. Please continue to read more about using Vera 3 for security, remote monitoring, energy savings, home theater control, and more. Ask us any questions you may have!

  • No Ongoing Costs Secure, remote access over the internet is FREE for all users. Send unlimited notification emails and never pay! For sending free text messages to your mobile phone through email, see our tip here.

  • Convenient User Interface (UI5) - Vera's easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time. Vera3 uses the 5th generation user interface, UI5, with more features than ever.

  • Guaranteed compatibility with ALL Z-Wave devices - Includes deadbolt locks, scene controllers, all types of sensors, lighting controls, thermostats, energy usage monitors, and even more. Vera lets you take advantage of everything that Z-Wave offers, with the ability to add in IP cameras, alarm panels, IR devices, Control4 and more.

  • Powerful Applications Vera's growing APP store includes numerous third party apps that extend your experience, such as weather forecasting, media control, alarm panel integration, remote live video streaming, etc., and more. And it's growing all the time!

  • Energy Monitoring - Vera's advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money. For example, the separately available SmartSwitch can measure the exact amount of power consumed by any device plugged into it. You can then program Vera to notify you or take differing actions depending on actual real-time usage.

  • Advanced configuration - Vera is extensible to also appeal to enthusiasts and advanced users with features seen only in high-end systems. Features like infrared/universal remote control, integration with a monitored alarm system, and the ability to bridge multiple Z-Wave networks together. Vera also works with X10 and other platforms.

  • Security Surveillance and Video Monitoring - You can now stream live video from plug and play IP cameras-- even to your smartphone! You can also store video footage on secure servers that you can access from anywhere, anytime.

  • Bridge Multiple Vera Devices - Enhance the range of Z-wave and WiFi by bridging 2 or more Veras over Ethernet/Wifi to operate as one controller.

  • Open API (Advanced Programming Interface) - Vera's home control engine, created by MiOS, has open architecture allowing you or your developers to create new Apps to offer to all other Vera users.

  • No Internet Connection Required! - Even without internet access, Vera can set-up and configure your wired or WiFi wireless network, allowing you to control all your devices locally.

Demo Video explaining Vera's Features:

More Information Available on the More Info tab!


Vera3 Hardware Specifications:
  • Processor: 500MHz MIPS SoC
  • Flash storage: NAND 32 MB, SDRAM 32 MB
  • RAM Memory: DDR2 128 MB
  • USB (Accessory) Ports: 2
  • WAN (Internet) Ports: 1
  • LAN (Local Network) Ports: 4
  • Z-Wave: Built-in with internal antenna
  • WiFi: 802.11n Built-in with internal antenna
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.968in x 5.118in x 1.338in
Power Supply (Included) Specifications:
  • Input: 100 ~ 240VAC , 50~60Hz
  • Output: 12VDC/2A
Battery Pack (Included) Specifications:
  • External, Rechargeable. (Used for local discovery of Z-wave Devices)
  • EMI/EMC FCC Part15 Class B, 3-home FCC, CE
  • Safety UL/cUL CSA no. 22-60950-01-03

More Info

Wondering how Vera can be used?
Here are some Application Examples!

Safety and Security
Vera keeps your home and family safe and secure. Pay no monthly fee, receive immediate notifications of events, see live video footage on your smartphone and more. Integrate with your existing security system and create a system tailored to your needs.
  • Protect your Kids: See your child get home safely from school, even when you're at work
    When your child gets home from school and unlocks the door, Vera can send you a text message. You can view a still image or live footage from your computer or smartphone to be certain that your kids are home safe and didn't bring home unwelcome guests. View live footage inside your home to check in on the babysitter while you are out.
    Hardware needed: Z-Wave door lock, Z-Wave motion detector and IP camera.

  • Easier Bedtime: Touch one button to shut down, lock up and arm your house. No more running around to turn off every light, set the alarm and thermostat and check that the doors are locked.
    Simplify your morning routine. As you rush out the front door, touch one button and know all the lights are off, the thermostat is set, the doors are locked and the alarm is armed. Relax when you get home after a long day. Get out of the car and touch one button to unlock the door, turn on the lights, disarm the alarm and kick down the temperature.
    Hardware needed: Z-Wave door lock, Z-wave light modules, Z-Wave thermostat

  • Care for the Elderly: Protect your independent elderly loved ones by staying connected.
    Vera can notify you if there is no motion in your loved ones' home, so you can check in and get help. Vera can turn on lights when motion is detected, so there is no more fumbling for the bathroom light in the middle of the night.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave motion detectors, Z-Wave lights.

  • Peace of Mind: When you get home from vacation, be confident that your home was secure the entire time.
    Stop the intruder before the window or door is broken. Make your motion sensitive flood lights smarter by arming them only when you are away. Add a surveillance camera to take footage for the duration of the light. If the light is tripped two times in a row, Vera will turn on interior lights so the intruder thinks you're home and awake.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave motion sensing light, IP camera, Z-Wave light module.

Remote Management
Vera puts you in control of your home or business from your internet-enabled phone. Be notified when the basement floods, thermostat is changed, window is left open, light is left on and more. Staying connected to your home or business reduces reaction time.
  • Rental Property Management: Vera lets you run your vacation rental from anywhere. No more giving a key to renters and staff, use a keypad door lock to track which codes are active and when the property was entered.
    After your renters spend the weekend at your ski cabin, use Vera to change the door lock code, check that the windows are closed, turn down the thermostat and turn off the hot tub and lights. You can give renters a code to unlock the door that expires when they leave. Give a different code to the cleaning crew and be notified when the code is entered so you can call to give special requests to staff. Managing a remote rental property from the convenience of your smartphone has never been easier.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave door lock, Z-Wave window sensors, Z-Wave thermostat, Z-Wave appliance module for hot tube and Z-Wave light modules.

  • Large Installations: Get reliable Z-Wave installations in spacious homes or offices. Bridge multiple Veras seamlessly acting as one network to control every floor of your office building or house.
    Use one Vera on the first floor of the main house, a second Vera on the second floor and a third Vera in the pool house. These Veras will act as one network, and allow you to create scenes using a node from each network. For example, create an Energy Saving scene that turns off all lights, the pool pump and turns off the thermostat.
    Hardware: SmartSwitch for the pool pump, Z-Wave thermostat and Z-Wave light modules.

  • Cable guy: Taking off work to wait around for the cable guy is a hassle. You can let him in without leaving your office.
    Ask the cable guy to call you when he arrives. With Vera, you can let him in the front door, watch live video footage while he works and lock the door behind him. Vera saves you time by enabling you to do all this from your smartphone or computer.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave door lock, IP camera.

  • Business Management: Rest easy knowing that your business is closed properly each night. Let Vera keep a record of when employees arrive.
    Take out the "human error" factor. Each night at the same time, Vera will send you a status report so you know your business security system is armed, office and doors are locked, lights are off, Closed sign is on and appliances are in energy saving mode. Give each employee a different door code so Vera can track when each employee arrives. With Vera, no one but you needs a key to your building.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave door lock, Z-Wave light modules and SmartSwitch.

Save Money on Energy!
Cut your energy consumption and power bill. Vera pays for itself by saving you money while also saving the planet. Decrease your power bill and increase your contribution to society by going "green" with Vera.
  • Energy Consumption by Device: Vera?s energy tracking lets you compare past and present usage of all the devices in your home.
    See which device is costing you the most so you know where the biggest saving potential is. Plug any device, like your refrigerator, TV, dishwasher or pool pump, into the SmartSwitch for about a week to capture how much energy that device uses. Vera will tell you how much that device will cost you to keep using over the next year. Now you know exactly which device is consuming the most energy and money. Maybe that new refrigerator will pay for itself by lowering your energy bill.
    Hardware required: SmartSwitch.

  • Whole House Energy Metering: Vera continuously tracks how much energy your using giving you real time energy reporting by device, room, day of the week, etc.
    Energy prices fluctuate. Vera calculates how much energy any Z-Wave device is using and works with whole-house power meters to automatically build an energy consumption profile from all your devices. Vera knows how much you are paying per kilowatt and will notify you when energy prices are high. You can turn off your thermostat and lights, even while away from home, to avoid spikes in energy prices.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave thermostat, Z-Wave light modules.

  • Conserve AC: Stop cooling an empty house, but still come home to refreshing AC.
    Many people waste energy and money leaving the air conditioning running all day when no one is home. Vera lets you turn on your air conditioner 20 minutes before you get home during your evening commute. If you won't remember to turn on the AC yourself from your smartphone, Vera can turn on your AC at the same time each night for you. See how much money you save by turning the AC off instead of turning it up during the day.
    Hardware required: Z-Wave thermostat.

Home Theater
Have you ever had a hard time watching TV in the afternoon because you had too much glare from the sun? Using a simple IR transmitter or dongle, Vera integrates your home theater equipment with your blinds, heating/cooling system, lighting, security system and more. Use one controller for your whole home.
  • One Button Movie: Simplify set-up before settling in to watch a movie with one button.
    Vera lets you press one button to dim the lights, lower the blinds and start the movie. Lower the AC without pausing the movie, you don't even have to leave the couch. Control all your A/V equipment and any device in your Z-Wave network from one remote.
    Hardware required: Somfy blinds, Z-Wave light modules, IR transmitter.

  • Custom Universal Remote: Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a universal remote. Customize the remote by picking the buttons, functions look and feel.
    Replace the 5 remotes sitting on your coffee table with a sleek and attractive iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as your whole-house universal remote. Now you can control your home theater system, satellite radio, lights, thermostat while surfing the web from your couch. When the doorbell rings, see live footage of who is outside and unlock the door to let them in all from your custom universal remote. This feature, typically offered only by high-end, high-dollar systems, is now made affordable with Vera.
    Hardware required: IR transmitter, IP camera, Z-Wave door lock, Z-Wave light modules, Z-Wave thermostat, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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More information available:
The manufacturer of Vera, MiCasaVerde, maintains a very detailed website containing answers to many commonly asked questions. Use the following resources to your advantage when considering and using the Vera:

Advanced Features
  • Supports control of and control by UPnP devices for unparalleled interoperability
  • Works with energy meters such as TED, AEON and RCS to provide real-time and long term energy monitoring
  • Supports control of many serial devices with a USB to Serial Port converter.
  • Supports bridging z-wave and Insteon networks over IP
  • Can be controlled as a Leviton Vizia RF+ device over the serial port, emulating advanced functionality for a fraction of the cost
  • Supports "Scenes" which enable you to trigger a sequence of events by another event; such as pressing a button or unlocking your door.
  • Supports "Events" which let you set timers for anything in your house that you can control with Z-Wave, Insteon, or Serial
  • Small form factor and low power consumption

Send SMS via Email
You can send an email to most cellular phones directly. Simply find your carrier in the table below, change phonenumber to your own (including area code), and send yourself a short email mesasge. If it works, you do not need the SMS service offered by Mi Casa Verde in the premium subscription ($29/year).
Cingular Wireless
Metro PCS
Sprint PCS
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile

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The Service:
With the optional service, you can stay connected to Vera from anywhere in the world and safely archive data. The basic service, which gives you secure remote access to your home from a web browser or cell phone and email notifications, is totally free. The enhanced service costs $29 per year. The services include:
  • Secure remote access/control via the the gateway server (basic service) - This feature allows you to utilize Mi Casa Verde's secure gateway, with nothing to configure, to access and control your system from a web browser or cell phone. There are no data limits, and usage is unlimited. If you know how to setup port forwarding or give Vera a routable IP, you can remotely access Vera without this service option. However, unless you have a SSL certificate, the connection won't be secure.
  • SMS (enhanced service), Email (basic service) - With these features, Vera will let you know when an event has occured, per your setup. Note that Vera can be set up to use your own outgoing email service for free, however text messages are an extra fee. They are included as part of the enhanced service, which includes up to 50 SMS text messages for the year, domestic or international, to any cell phone carrier worldwide. If you need more than the 50 text messages, extra text messages are available at the rate of $10 for 50 extra SMS text messages. The text messages can be domestic or international, to any cell phone carrier worldwide. Whenever your available text messages are running low you will be sent an email with a link to allow you to purchase more text messages.
  • Video archiving (enhanced service) - If you'd prefer not to store videos on your PC, the service can do it for you. Up to 1GB of data (enough for about 70,000 images from your security camera and several years worth of energy tracking) can be stored and encrypted with a unique hardware key so only you have access to them on Mi Casa Verde's server. When your available space for video archiving is low, you will be sent an email with a link to allow you to purchase more space at the rate of $5 per Gigabyte per year.
  • Energy logging (enhanced service) - This feature will allow you to keep a record of all the energy usage reported by Vera every 60 minutes for every device in the home on the secure servers of Mi Casa Verde. Data is kept for a year, and charts and graphs displaying your usage are automatically generated. If you are familiar with setting up your own database server and know how to generate graphs, you could also do this yourself.
  • Automatic daily backups (enhanced service) - If you don't want to back Vera up yourself, this service will do it for you daily, with up to 15 backup sets. If anything happens to Vera, your configuration will be safe.

As the service is optional, none of Vera's features are disabled if you don't want the service. If you have the necessary technical skills to setup your own server, you can do these same things on your own without using the service. If you're a software developer, you'll find Vera is an open solution that you can modify to suit your own needs.

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